Airflow Testing

Independent testing to put you ahead of the game.

Testing. It’s what we’re good at. Exceptional even. Using our our state-of-the-art airflow testing facilities (built to AMCA 210 standards) and our 35 years’ experience in engine airflow and cooling systems, we are able to simulate exact engine conditions to provide independent and accurate data to help you achieve optimum engine cooling: In short, we provide engineers with precise information regarding fan behaviour under real, and measurable, conditions.

Unlock the potential of your applications with our independent airflow testing packages.

Whether you need to independently benchmark fan performance or want to understand the performance of your fan against power consumption for example, our range of airflow testing packages are designed to answer all your engine airflow and cooling questions.

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Basic Airflow Testing

From developing fan curves to independently bench-marking fan performance, our Basic Airflow Testing service, which utilises our state-of-the-art airflow testing facilities, helps you intelligently design cooling packs specific to your applications.

Some of the Basic Airflow Testing  services we offer include:

  • airflow vs static pressure
  • airflow vs power consumption
  • airflow vs fan torque
  • airflow vs fan efficiency
  • airflow vs current (for electrically driven fans)

Standard Airflow Testing

Standard Airflow Testing is perfect when you need to understand whether the broad performance of a fan within an application is appropriate to its operating point (ΔP) and if it is the right solution for the task at hand.

By simulating the specifics of your engine bay under laboratory conditions and within our airflow test facility, we will be able to understand exactly how your fan performs with its main engine components (i.e. heat exchangers, engine silhouettes and fan shrouds) and be able to optimise all components for peak efficiencies.

Advanced Airflow Testing

Especially useful for applications using fan clutches and viscous drives, our Advanced Airflow Testing service tests your fan’s performance, enabling improvements across the whole operating range, unlocking efficiencies at lower power levels that could potentially result in significant savings to your business.

Advanced Airflow Testing services specific to your application include:

  • fan speed vs airflow
  • fan speed vs power consumption
  • fan speed vs torque